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Students Study in 希腊 and Italy with Help of 奖学金

As 全球研究 majors, NWACC 学生 Gabrielle Lampson and Bradi马特洛克 are required to 出国留学 – a requirement that quickly turned into intellectual and cultural adventures this 夏天.


NWACC Student, Gabrielle, in 希腊

NWACC student Gabrielle in 希腊.




加布里埃尔参加了一个 世界文明 course with NWACC Professor Sevin Gallo, and learned of ancient 希腊, its politics and economics, and its impact on the modern Mediterranean world, while also enjoying 14 days of planned excursions around Athens and the 希腊群岛.

“We spent a lot of time visiting archaeological sites and museums. 有一件事 is super important when understanding another culture is learning about the history that shaped it into what it is today,” Gabrielle said. “文化的另一个方面 我们关注的是食物. Sevin made sure that each of her 学生 was able to experience Mediterranean cuisine in its entirety. 还有参观历史名胜 sites, we took day trips to little mountain towns, beaches and islands. 这是一个 educational trip, but every day was full of fun things to do.”



图片来源: Gabrielle Lampson

“My favorite part of the trip was immersing myself in the Greek culture. 它是否 was the food, the people, the language, the big city vibe in Athens, or the dodging of crazy drivers in the street, 希腊 was the ultimate experience. 走同样的路 path of famous Greek philosophers and architects was completely unreal,” Gabrielle 添加.



图片来源: Gabrielle Lampson

For the month of June, Bradi participated in the 意大利的NWACC 出国留学 program located in Siena. She enrolled in a photography course, taught by NWACC Professor Victor Chalfant and an Italian course, taught by a Siena professor. 课程在 Università per Stranieri di Siena是NWACC的合作伙伴. She spent many of her weekends and free time exploring other historic 还有意大利的一些地区. 

“I gained so much knowledge about the Italian culture and the history of Italy. I learned how to take memorable photos and speak in Italian…I spent time in one of the most historical places on earth and gained a new appreciation for Italy and its people,” 巴迪表示. “Every weekend, we traveled to a different part of Italy: Rome, Florence, 威尼斯五渔村. Each city held a unique piece about them. 罗马有最多的 historic sites, Florence was so beautiful at night with the city lights, Cinque Terre’s architecture and beaches were mysterious and incredible, Venice was every girl’s dream!”



图片来源: Bradi马特洛克

Both 学生 were awarded 出国留学 奖学金 通过 NWACC基金会, which helped pay for their expenses. Scholarship funding is raised 通过 foundation’s 社区旅游机会. These guided trips are open to the public, and included in the trip costs is a generous donation toward 出国留学 奖学金 for NWACC 学生.

Receiving a scholarship gave Gabrielle a sense of ease when paying for an educational 国外的经验. “Traveling can cost a lot of money, so the scholarship definitely lifted a great weight off my shoulders on the financial side,” she said. “是这样的 heartwarming to know there are community members that support 学生 studying abroad. Being able to study a subject in the place where it became textbook worthy is a dream... I am so thankful that there were people out there to make that experience a reality 对我来说.”

Earning a scholarship also made an impact on Bradi’s ability to travel and study in 欧洲. “The scholarship helped tremendously! I have a goal to never take out student loans, so this helped me reach my goal,” she said. “I am so grateful for those who have donated not just to my scholarship, but to everyone’s. 我压力太大了 how relieved I was to have that money in my pocket to support me in Italy. 它真的 took a lot of stress off my back…and I could buy a couple souvenirs for my family!"




Now that they've completed their courses abroad, Gabrielle and Bradi strongly encourage others to experience learning and living outside the states, even if it's only for 一次几周.

“I recommend that other 学生 出国留学. There is so much more to this world than what we see every day, and the only way to truly understand what lies beyond American life is to be in another country. Reading about something is nothing compared to living in it,” said Gabrielle. 

“I would recommend studying abroad to 学生 and the public in general. 我认为 we could all learn something important about humanity if we traveled. 不仅仅是旅行, but living and experiencing cultures from around the world. 我想我们需要 time away from our busy lives and realize we are all in this together, and that we are not that different,” 添加 Bradi.



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